So I’ve been feeling a little under the weather for the past couple of days..just the seasonal flu but I’m not going to lie..it can make you feel so weak. I’ve been thinking about some of the foods I’ve had to leave behind and had that sudden realisation that I’ll never be able to eat them again. Well I could find an alternative but alternatives never taste the same do they?! Even the gluten-free bread is nowhere near to tasty as the normal (but now lethal, toxic and deadly) bread. I’m finding it difficult to discover something tasty but also something that I can just quickly grab on the go or something that I don’t have to spend a lot of time cooking. I guess it’s healthier this way but when you’re feeling a bit poorly, the quick-fix meals can help (& I guess it’d mean that I wouldn’t need to bug my mum so much).

Having been able to eat properly today, my mum made me her amazing Kidney Bean & Potato Soup/Curry…


As per usual..it was absolutely delicious! It definitely made me forget about everything I can’t eat! and it even worked wonders on my sore throat and blocked nose 😀

Are there any foods you miss? Or should I ask, what food(s) do you miss the most? What were your comfort food(s)? Can you still eat them? If not, have you found something similar and how is it?


Slowly but surely…getting there!


I thought that my first post should be about appreciating the fact that I could not have made it this far without my family. Yay! It finally feels like my family are coming to terms with the idea that I can’t eat certain foods. It’s the best feeling ever hearing my mum talk to people and trying to make them understand about Coeliac Disease. It’s still hard because there are times when the family are eating foods that I can’t eat..but (even though it will never taste like the real thing which this is something I will have to accept) my mum has been attempting to make a gluten-free version of most foods so that I’m not sitting there eyeing up everyone else’s food (& drooling) because I’m unable to eat what everyone else is eating.

The only thing I get really irritated about is when I go to parties or family-gatherings and there are specific members of the (extended) family who make a big fuss about the fact that I’m not eating. The whole time..they’re sitting there feeling sorry for me but I’m sitting there feeling so annoyed. They just don’t seem to understand the fact that I don’t want to eat anyway (most of the time) because I’ve already prepared a meal so I won’t be going hungry and that I’m happy with a mere drink! I know I will eventually find a way to deal with this too, but for now, it’s annoying.