Happy New Year (+18 days)!!!

Hey GFrees..

First of all..HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hope your 2015 is full of love, laughter, happiness, smiles and loads and loads of delicious food!!!

Secondly, I’m sorry for not posting regularly. I had been busy searching for, applying, and interviewing for jobs for the past couple of months. I was finally successful with one of my applications and I started my first ever, proper job last Monday! I am currently going through the “honeymoon period” of a job (if there is such a thing) and fingers crossed it will stay like this forever. The people I’m working with are super lovely.

I wanted to write this post because having been home for the past few months..I had gotten used to preparing warm meals and grabbing snacks that were safe to eat, very easily. But now, because I’m always going to be on the go, it seems as if I will have to learn some new things. Mainly with preparing foods either the night before or in the morning, but making sure they will still be tasty both hot and cold (because I may not be able to heat the food up) and also, making sure I always have snacks in the car. Recently I have religiously kept a packet of Glutafin Mini Crackers both in my car and in my handbag so if ever I get peckish, I have something at least. These crackers are great! They are so handy and totally delicious – the closest thing (if not better!) to the nice, crunchy, savoury crackers that we can’t eat ( plus they’re available on NHS prescription 😀 ). I think the crackers are helping me to finally put on some weight (in all the wrong places though!!)

For lunch on my first day at work, I had prepared some pasta on Sunday night. I had forgotten just how disgusting some makes of GF pasta tasted if eaten cold. Yeah. So lunch on Monday consisted of only a bar of chocolate (very unhealthy, I know!). I was literally drooling because all my other colleagues had bought a sandwich and all I could smell was fresh bread and it smelt so good! For the rest of the week, I took in rolls which I ate with crisps and although I realised that one roll is not enough to fill me up, it made lunch-times a helluva lot better.

I’m going to be staying at my cousins, so..away from my home, and I’ve packed lots of food so I don’t need to go on an expensive shopping-spree..for food..whilst I’m away. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Did you find it difficult when you first started a job? What helped? What didn’t help? Are there any healthy, must-have snacks that you recommend? I’ll be posting some reviews that somewhat coincide with the working-life so stay tuned. Hopefully they will be of some help…