Vegan treats

Hey GFrees!

So I discovered a new little shop in Leicester today called Currant Affairs. It’s amazing. It’s a vegan shop which sells everything vegan from cooked goodies to store room essentials to fridge essentials to toiletries. 

I treated myself to the vegan gluten-free Red Velvet Loaf which tasted sooooo good!! The cream cheese on top was just something else and I can’t wait to go back! The little loaf was £2 and it was worth every penny and bite.

Go and visit sometime! 


Missing the Moo

Hey GFrees,

So I’ve recently been reading up on “Leaky Gut Syndrome” (I’ll talk about this in another post very soon) and I decided that I was going to go dairy-free. I had spoken to my GP about it and he suggested that it’s pointless because symptoms of lactose intolerance didn’t match up with what I was telling him and symptoms are usually immediate – if I don’t need to run to the loo immediately after having cheese or milk, it’s highly unlikely that I am lactose intolerant.

I decided to trust my gut (it doesn’t lie!) and put dairy to the test. I decided to be very strict with milk and cut it out from my diet. Those of you who know me, must know that I do love my milk and CHEESE! But I thought that I would start small. I removed milk from my diet and noticed that whenever I reintroduced it, I would get an itch, lose my appetite and feel nausea. Great! Trust the gut! I haven’t been drinking cow’s milk for around 2 months now but I have been having the odd (wad) of cheese and chocolate. However, I’ve decided that in order to heal my gut in hope that after a year or so of going dairy-free I may be able to reintroduce it back in to my diet without any symptoms, I need to be very strict.

I spoke about going dairy-free with my consultant who I still see at the hospital every 6 months and to be honest, he was very rude. He said “If you feel dairy causes you problems then it doesn’t take a genius to realise you need to cut it out of your diet.” Errr hello – RUDE! Anyhoo, since the start of September, I have gone all dairy-free and brought dairy-free cheese and spread and decided I will resist having cheeky chunks of chocolate. It’s not been bad so far..however, the cheese is Bad. Also, today I attempted to make some mashed potatoes and it was a disaster. It was nowhere near as creamy as the usual mash that I enjoy; the Violife cheese didn’t melt (at all), the spread didn’t really make a difference (at all), the mash didn’t really taste of anything (at all). I think if all the cheeses taste like the Violife one, I may have to just get used to life without cheese. The spread isn’t so bad on bread/toast though.

Do you have any tips? Have you ever considered going dairy-free? If you are already, what do you find difficult about being dairy- and gluten-free?