Day 9

Mushroom curry and rice today GFrees..

Not the best pic (again)..

But I feel so sick😷 I can’t quite understand what it is. My kitchen is totally gluten free! I think I will have to cut out the cheese again..

Even when I cut out the cheese and go completely dairy free..I don’t feel a 100% though.

Will the symptoms ever go away?! Urghhhhh!

Day 7

It’s been a week GFrees! 

Not much to update today. I didn’t cook anything..just ate some leftover stuff. Feel a bit nauseous and anxious today. Don’t know why.

But on a brighter note…

The tree is up waheyyyyy! ’tis the season to be jolly!!! Favourite time of the year!😍😍 (starting from Halloween) 😆

Do you like my handmade bauble? It was so much fun making it!

Day 6

Another day, another curry😂

I thought today’s dinner was going to be a disaster. At first, my lentils were too salty so I added a bit more water. Then I thought adding the slightest bit of sugar may help but I thought it made things worse😑 

My mum froze some okra because see thought I wouldn’t use them from the fridge and they would go off. I usually eat fresh okra. I think because they came straight out of the freezer, they didn’t cook as normal. They ended up looking burnt😑

However, after all of this…dinner turned out to be delicious.

 I think I will just have to accept that anything I ever cook tastes better than it looks..

Day 4


Just a quick update. 

Today, I had chips and beans for lunch from the canteen at work.

Followed by a potato and mango curry with jeera rice for dinner..

I really must start taking better pictures😐 But just in case you haven’t realised already – I pretty much love and live on curry and rice🙄 (often sneaking in a pizza)

Day 3

So GFrees,

Day 3 was a bit of a cheat because we went out for a birthday meal as it was my nieceypook’s birthday!

We went to Zizzi’s in Kenilworth. 

1) Kenilworth seems like such a nice little town! My cousin said there’s a nice Thai restaurant there so will definitely be going again to check it out. 2) Zizzi’s has quite a lot of choice for those following strict diets – whether that be gluten free, dairy free or vegan. Pretty impressed!

I stuck to the gluten free pizza with chillies!

Didn’t fancy trying the gluten free vegan pizza but will definitely go again to have a taste!

Have you been to Zizzi’s? What were your thoughts?