Hey G-frees! (and of course, any non-G-frees visiting)…

So..near to the start of this year (2014) I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease – after 5 years of what felt like making the GPs surgery my second home! To be honest, I didn’t even know what the term ‘Coeliac’ meant and I used to think the only serious food allergy out there was being allergic to nuts. I can hear you say ‘You fooooool’ right about now.

I’m a lacto-vegetarian (I do drink milk and eat cheese but don’t have eggs, meat nor fish). Sometimes, this new diet was easy to adhere to because I wasn’t used to eating certain things anyway. But when it came to giving up specfic things like PIZZA, it was so difficult! I guess I will always be the girl who sits in the corner, secretly drooling, when someone is indulging in a greasy, cheesy, yummy pizza…but I learnt the hard way that even a bite was no longer good for me. It was so new to me. It actually took me about 3-4 months to take the new diet seriously. It wasn’t easy though. Didn’t even get cake for my birthday! But I was just so glad I finally got some answers.

From getting upset so easily and thinking that I’m a lone ranger on this one because noone understands…to being able to calmly and efficiently deal with people who ask ‘Are you STILL on THAT diet?!’ or tell me to ‘Just try a little bit’ or make me feel as if I’m just being fussy.

Before I go on, I know how physically and mentally draining the journey can be (at the start anyway because it DOES get somewhat easier). And this is why I wanted to start a blog. I know I turn to the internet for support and guidance time and again and I wanted to do my bit to help our little growing community. I must admit..I’m still new to it all but if there’s one thing I’ve learnt it’s that it helps so much to talk about food and any struggles (however minor you think they are). Whether that’s talking to someone who is in a similar position as you or someone who is unaware of Coeliac Disease and the gluten-free diet. At the start, I also used to find myself talking to people in the ‘free-from’ section in supermarkets all the time and the little tips and tricks were so useful in the attempt to kiss gluten goodbye forever!

I set up this blog to share recipes, views about products and restaurants & write about the gluten-free lifestyle in general. But most of all..I set it up to listen to and/or talk to anyone who wants to talk. Together we can heal, be safe and enjoy food (again) all at the same time – in confidence!

Thank you for visiting and I hope you’ll find something useful on here 🙂

Please feel free to contact me or leave some feedback..

V xx

P.S. I’m a great lover of spicy Indian food


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