Vegan treats

Hey GFrees!

So I discovered a new little shop in Leicester today called Currant Affairs. It’s amazing. It’s a vegan shop which sells everything vegan from cooked goodies to store room essentials to fridge essentials to toiletries. 

I treated myself to the vegan gluten-free Red Velvet Loaf which tasted sooooo good!! The cream cheese on top was just something else and I can’t wait to go back! The little loaf was £2 and it was worth every penny and bite.

Go and visit sometime! 


National Noodle Month – March

Hello again GFrees!

Hope you’re all well. Hope 2016 is treating you well so far?!

Did you know it was National Noodle Month? I didn’t either! :/ Part of me thinks I ought to have known because I do love me some rice noodles. With it being so easy to make and guaranteed to be tasty no matter what veg you throw in to the stir fry.

I may be a bit late with this product review because after looking online, I’ve found that they’ve been around for quite a while – since around late last year! However, I just wanted to write about the instant noodles I discovered at Morrisons. Instant that’s gluten-free is so difficult to find and if it does exist, it’s not even tasty! So finding something that overcomes that problem so well, deserves a few words.

For just £1.74, these are the tastiest instant noodles I’ve ever had! Well done and a massive thank you ilumi!


They’re even better than the normal foods! They come in 4 different flavours and of these, the 3 vegetarian flavours are:

– Tom Yum Rice Noodles

– Sweet Chilli Rice Noodles

– Singapore Rice Noodles

So far, I’ve only tried the Sweet Chilli ones but I just think they’re so perfect for a quick munch!

You pop open the pot and sprinkle the sachet of flavour in…


Add boiling water to the fill line (about 300ml) and stir…


Pop the lid back on and leave it for about 4 minutes before you dig in and enjoy the delicious’ness (not just pretend to enjoy your meal!) on one of those days where you just want to eat out of a pot!

These pots have a rating as to how spicy they are and the Sweet Chilli pot has the highest rating (two out of three chillies). I do like my food spicy however and adding a little bit of chilli powder (pic below) gave the noodles the spicy kick I was looking for…


I can honestly say I was super impressed by this tasty, quick and easy snack pot.

ilumi have a whole range of ready meals (all gluten- and milk-free) which you can check out here…

Let me know what you think of any of the products 🙂